kismet silver strands necklace by kannbarkismet silver strands by kannbarkismet silver strands necklace by kannbar

Kismet Necklace Double

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The Kismet Collection is inspired by our belief in destiny.  Kismet is the fate, it is one’s stars, one’s portion of life.  It may not confine us individually but it comes to us is a magnetic response to the energy that we send out. We believe, all that happens, happens for the best, even if doesn’t appear to be in the beginning.

The chains and semi-precious stones used in our Kismet  jewelry are designed to symbolize the joining bonds of destiny, energy and life. The necklace is made of silver and semi-precious stones: blue topaz, citrine & green amethyst, three of which are well-known for their powerful characteristics. Blue topaz has been believed to have protective aura since the ancient times – it makes the wearer strong and powerful and brings victory, citrine protects from the negative energy & green amethyst helps bridge the gap between the physical and the spiritual world.

The jewelry comes in our signature Kannbar boxes.




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925 silver, blue topaz, citrine, green amethyst


50 + 5 cm